Automatic Jaw Sealer

Versatile Motorized Heat-Sealing

When you need one machine to process both single packages and up to 30 items per minute with the same reliable seal, look no further than PackRite’s Automatic Jaw Sealer. Providing either continuous-feed or intermittent stop/start sealing via foot pedal, this compact unit guarantees uniformity via automatic dwell time and pressure control for safe, consistent, and long-lasting seals. Available in two models.


When space is limited, this compact sealer fits the bill. Taking up just 7 in. by 11.5 in. of bench space, the PackRite automatic jaw sealer sits just 10 in. high when open. This small-footprint sealer can also be mounted at a 30-degree incline to take up even less space or to provide a more ergonomic sealing experience for operators.


With both foot-pedal and automatic operation as well as dual mounting options, this flexible-use jaw sealer accommodates a variety of unsupported films up to 6 mil in thickness. With dwell control, this range can be extended even further while continuing to maintain seal integrity excellence and instant package-release.


In whatever operating mode you choose, PackRite’s Automatic Jaw Sealer is simple and easy to use. Requiring little training time, this dependable, robust unit can be up and running immediately after installation to provide fast, efficient, and versatile sealing.

Model Versions

Thermo Motor Jaw Sealer Poly Motor Jaw Sealer
Recommended For Barrier material Poly laminates & polyethylene
Sealing Capacity Kraft; foils; polypropylene; cellophane;
MIL-SPEC material
Polyethylene and other unsupported
Seal Impressions Horizontal crimp; flat seal;
vertical crimp
Flat seal
Seal Width 1 in. *optional widths quoted on request 0.125 in.; 0.375 in.
Seal Length 15 in. 15 in.; 19 in.
Weight 37 lbs. 27 lbs.
Fit in to Bench Space 7 x 11.2 in. 7 x 7.25 in.
Accessories (Optional) Universal Sealer Stand (powder coated metal stand); nonstick coated cover (used with flat seal only. Will give smoother seals on foils and some mil spec materials. Incline mounting base (30 degrees angled toward operator); universal sealer stand (powder coated metal stand).

Shared Specifications

Sealing Speed 30 bags/minute (automatic cycling); 15 bags/minute (normal operation)
Temperature Range
Up to 550 ºF
Electrical Voltage 115 V (standard)
Frequency 60 cycle
Phase 1