Robot Jaw Sealer

Pneumatic-Powered Heat Sealer

Our air-operated sealer is ideal for medical and lab applications that require validation or for setting production parameters pre-scaleup. The robot jaw closes for a preset period at a controlled temperature when the foot switch is depressed, resulting in a high-quality, uniform seal. Available in two models.


The robot jaw offers you the kind of precise, repeatable sealing required by the FDA and other regulatory bodies. Model RTP, developed for lab use and ideal for medical applications, seals medical pouches, polyethylene foils, and dust covers. Model R is ideal for MIL-SPEC materials, Mylar™, foils, cellophane, krafts and polypropylene, and supports validation requirements.


The unit easily adapts to your application needs with three mounting options: flat (standard, standing operation), incline (away from operator, seated position), and full vertical (ideal for sealing liquids or powders). Air can be supplied via 30-100 lb. of compressed air in-plant or via a minimum 2.5 cubic feet/minute compressor.


Robot heat and pressure settings are tightly controlled for excellent seal integrity. Digital dwell control timer and a calibrated digital temperature controller regulate temperature settings of up to 600 °F with an accuracy of ±0.25 percent of full scale, while sealing-bar pressure is controlled via an adjustable air valve on the machine.

Model Versions

RHS (Thermo) RTP (Poly)
Recommended For Barrier material Medical applications
Sealing Capacity Kraft; foils; polypropylene; cellophane; MIL-SPEC material Poly laminates & polyethylene; medical pouches
Seal Impressions Flat seal; horizontal crimp, vertical crimp Flat seal
Seal Width 1 in. 0.125 in.; 0.375 in.
Seal Length 15 in. 15 in.; 19 in.
Pressure Range 100 lbs. max psi depending on seal width Adjustable pressure with gauge readout for validation
Accessories (Optional) Universal Sealer Stand (powder coated metal stand); nonstick coated cover (used with flat seal only. Will give smoother seals on foils and some mil spec materials. Sealing head for barrier materials - allows the sealing of full range of packaging materials; universal sealer stand (powder coated metal stand)

Shared Specifications

Weight 110 lb.
Temperature Range
600 ± 2 ºF
Timer ± 0.05 seconds
Mounts Flat mount – standard, for use in standing position

Incline mount –30 degree angled away from operator, for sitting position (optional)
Min. Air Requirement 30 psi at 2.5 cfm
Electrical Voltage 115 V (standard); 230 V (optional)
Frequency 50/60 cycle
Phase 1